Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Yigo mayor expresses his opposition to Bill 70

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The issue of Bill 70 and the potential of turning Simon Sanchez High School into a charter school was discussed at this morning’s Mayors Council meeting.

Guam - Yigo Mayor Rudy Matanane expressed his opposition to the Bill 70, saying chartering Simon Sanchez High School would not make it better, and added that he was upset that he was not consulted by the authors of the bill.

"I’m asking for your support. Please support me to rally behind them so we can reject the charter school up in Yigo," Matanane told the council. "That bill is doing away that requirement, that you don’t have to go through the stakeholders, which are the parents and the students and the faculty. And I don’t think that’s right. I felt insulted that they did this without talking to me."

Mayor Matanane, who represents MCOG on the Guam Education Board, says the board has not taken a stand on the issue yet. He will be holding a town hall meeting on May 2 at Simon Sanchez High School.

"The reason why I called that is because I want to listen to the parents, the kids, and the faculty. And Joe San Agustin said that if they don’t want it, then they’ll scrap the bill," Matanane said. "So, I’m asking for your support. Support me to support my people and what they want, and what they think is good for our kids, because it’s all about the kids. Never mind about change Simon Sanchez into a charter school. That’s not the issue. The issue is the building. And the issue with the building is the procurement process."

The mayors present at the council meeting expressed their support for Mayor Matanane’s motion.

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