Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Korean dining "Hansik" returns at Taste of the Westin

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With the return of Hansik at the Westin Resort, you can take a journey through Korea with award-winning Executive Chef Jae-Cheon Lee and his culinary team --only available for a limited time.  

Guam - Taste at the Westin is back with more Korean food, this time offering a variety of choices with their lunch and dinner buffets. Savor their beef bulgogi, andong-style braised spicy chicken with vegetables, a seafood spread, and so much more.

According to Executive Sous Chef, Sean Jung, Hansik incorporates the best of both traditional and modern Korean cuisine.

“Chef Lee is a modernist. So, he will actually take some Korean local cuisine and make it a little more modern. We do have traditional Korean food, but our guests will see that we have some modern Korean dishes like our award-winning Korean bulgogi salad,” Sous Chef Jung explained.

This is the third time the Taste at the Westin has hosted a Korean buffet, but there’s a few key changes that locals can look forward to.

Guest Executive Chef Lee says special ingredients that you can’t find here on Guam were flown in from Korea specifically for the Hansik buffet.

“The local community here they love the Korean food, and this the second, third time we’ve had our Korean promotion, but it’s a different chef here with a different caliber. He’s worked in a Michelin star restaurant as well. So, you can expect a different caliber of cooking here,” Sous Chef Jung shared.

Hansik’s lunch buffet is available from 11:30am-2:30pm until Saturday April 29th, but the last chance to catch Hansik for their dinner buffet is tomorrow from 6-9pm.


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