Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Northern power plants to contribute 45MW to islandwide grid

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The combustion turbines will also be used while the Cabras power plant will undergo maintenance in July this year.

Guam - After more than a decade of being off-line, the Guam Power Authority announced the complete overhaul and renovation of two northern power plants that will be contributing new generation to the islandwide grid.

Local media was invited for a tour of the newly renovated power plant that includes combustion turbines 1 and 2. CT 2 went down in 2004 and CT 1 went down in 2010 and both have been non-operational since, making it difficult for GPA to provide needed power to the island during turbulent times, especially after the explosion of the Cabras power plant.

The combustion turbines will now contribute about 45 megawatts of power to the entire island and will serve as a backup generator in time for the overhaul of Cabras 1 in July which means cabras 1 will be taken offline while CT 1 and 2 will power the island. GPA Spokesman Art Perez also explains that the two refurbished units will be able to contribute more in terms of efficiency.

"We’ve been doing maintenance, basically an overhaul on the engines, both engines. We’ve done work on the generators, on the rotor. You’ll see a lot of new equipment being put in controls that will help us better monitor the unit for efficiency and each station will be manned by four-man crews," explained Perez. "We monitor every aspect of the operation when the unit is online that way we can better foresee any problems that may happen and secure the unit if necessary to make some repairs but also to maintain efficiency of the unit. If we can monitor the operations, what unit is online, we can better dispatch unit to allow it to operate with efficiency and pass on savings to ratepayers."

The project cost about $9.7 million using a combination of bond funding and Capital Improvement Project funds.




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