Friday, 17 March 2017

GCC holds 8th Math Kangaroo competition and carnival

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For many students, math is their worst subject, so to change that, the Guam Community College hosted the annual Math Kangaroo.

Guam - Math Kangaroo is a nationwide math competition that began in the U.S. in 1998. This is the 8th year the Guam Community College hosted the carnival on Guam, which aims to make learning math fun for students from 1st to 12th grade.

According to Marsha Postrozny, the Education Chair at GCC, "This is a national math contest. They take a paper-and-pencil test, but the Education Department wants to treat them, after they take the test, to a free math carnival… Our goal is to make math fun." She adds, "It’s never too early to start tying in the subject areas to careers. Because they might want to be a cosmetologist or an architect, and they can see how math is tied into these different areas."

A math competition took place Friday morning, followed by a carnival where students used their math skills to win prizes at game booths manned by GCC students.

The Math Kangaroo competition and carnival took place today at the GCC Student Center, hosting about 450 students from Guam’s public and private schools. 

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