Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bordallo attempts to amend Organic Act to tackle pay raise bills

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Congresswoman Bordallo issued a statement responding to Gov. Calvo's criticism. You can read that below. 

Guam - As Governor Eddie Calvo continues to criticize Senator frank Aguon Jr. On what he calls "political pandering" for aguon's bill to rollback pay raises, Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo has introduced a bill to ask congress to amend Guam Law to try and fix this local issue. But even Gov. Calvo, who has vetoed every piece of legislation that seeks to roll back pay raises, has come out against Bordallo’s legislation.

Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo today introduced a legislation which asks the United States Congress to amend Guam Law to ensure that the salaries of the Gov, Lt. Gov and Senators remain unaffected until after the General elections are complete.

This move is intended to stop what Gov. Eddie Calvo, Senate Majority Leader Tom Ada and others have called "political pandering" and partisan politics regarding the pay raise issue. Calvo recently attacked Senator Frank Aguon Jr. for introducing bill 4, a bill that seeks to rollback raises given to the Gov, Lt. Gov, and senators as part of the competitive wage act of 2014.  Bill 4 was passed by the legislature but vetoed by the governor earlier this week. And while Calvo's recent statements agree with the intention of Bordallo's legislation, the governor came out Thursday blasting the congresswoman for introducing a bill to add more federal restrictions to Guam at a time when Guam is shifting the opposite way.

In a release, Calvo says, "There are many challenges regarding our relationship with the federal government that we've had to rely on other people -- not our elected delegate to Washington D.C. -- to bring to the federal government.”

He adds, "Not only do we not have a vote, it seems we don't even have a voice."

Locally, however Calvo continues to blast Aguon Jr. for bill 4, intimating that the lawmaker is using bill 4 as a political move given the fact that Aguon is running for Governor in 2018. But the evetran senator is far from the only lawmaker to introduce pay raise bills. Whether it was Former republican senator Brant McCreadie in the 33rd legislature or Senators Mike San Nicolas, Regine Biscoe Lee and Telena Nelson more recently, a host of legislation has been introduced seeking to roll back the raises.

"My response that particular issue is this. Anything that any senator or any elected official does is political in nature. You want to refer to it as pandering? Or do you want to refer to it as responding to voter’s concerns? I look at it as exactly that: responding to the voters concerns and all we have to do is look at November 2016's election. That was a resounding reminder that the people of Guam got people elected to do their work and not what we want personally," says Aguon.  

 Aguon also responded to Bordallo's latest legislation saying he agreed with the intent but…

"I also think this is an issue that can be handled locally. If you take a look at the process. We enacted legislation, we passed legislation. The Governor has now vetoed that legislation. now we have an opportunity to push for an override. That’s the local process. We must be able to make this decision locally," says Aguon. 



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