Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Gov assembles task force to combat illegal dumping

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"Basta y Basula" is the moniker for the new task force sanctioned by Governor Eddie Calvo to clean up our island and combat illegal dumping. 

Guam - Governor Eddie Baza Calvo has assembled his own task force "Basta y Basula" created to clean some of the island's worst illegal dumpsites.

In his weekly address, the Governor declared: "there are illegal dumping areas throughout the island, some them are so bad that you can see trashed areas on Google Earth. That just saddens and frustrates me. This is our home. Why would we want to see he beauty of the paradise that we've been blessed marred with unsightly and unhealthy trash?" he asked.

The new task force is comprised of representatives from the Guam EPA, Guam Water Works, Guam Police Department and members of his senior staff to work on educational campaigns to address the glaring issue.

But Governor Calvo argues that the growing trash piles are more than just unsightly in appearance. In some areas, he says there is trash lined up right against our water lands with as little as 20 feet in dirt standing between the water that we use to drink and bathe in every day.

“I urge everyone to do their part please sign up or the trash pick-up. If you see someone dumping trash please take a photo of the vehicle and give EPA a call,” he advised.


Governor Calvo urges island residents to sign up for trash pickup for your residence, but if you can't for whatever reason, you can call EPA at 300-4751.

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