Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Lawmakers honor Women's History Month

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Female senators and Education Chairman Senator Joe San Agustin presented influential women's organizations with a proclamation in honor of Women's History Month. 

Guam - March is Women's History Month and today, members of the 34th Legislature commemorated a few of the most influential women-led organizations here on Guam.

Female Senators Regine Bisco Lee, Mary Camacho Torres, Therese Terlaje, Telena Cruz Nelson, and Louise Muna Borja along with Education Chairman Joe San Agustin proudly honored women serving in key leadership positions across the island.

“Ours is a matrilineal culture, and one that cannot survive without the accomplishments of women,” stated Senator Lee.

The lawmakers shared their resolve to achieve gender parity in the workforce as well as urged the female organizations present to continue their firm stance for gender equality, equal opportunity, and equal access to resources.  


“Women's work is constantly being redefined and today's women's work has the power to change the destiny of a family, a neighborhood, a village our island, this nation and our world. And women's rights are human rights,” declared Senator Torres. 

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