Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Kamalen Karidat Thrift Store serves community one last time

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Help a local non-profit while receiving a bin full of goods --for free. Deacon Frank Tenorio is asking the community to stop by Kamalen Karidat Thrift Store and help yourself to a bin full of free stuff before they close.  

Guam - Deacon Frank Tenorio lives to give, literally.  

“The most important reality of Kamalen Karidat is sharing. Sharing the gift of God,” he said.

And some of those gifts Deacon Tenorio is referring to are stored at Kamalen Karidat thrift store. After a successful 21 months, the thrift store is closing --an answer to prayer according to Deacon Tenorio.

"Now already somebody is coming in to rent the facility and that's all we've been praying because it’s been very hard to take care of this facility,” he explained.

The thrift store is part of a local charity that serves the homeless population here on Guam. A modern day, George Mueller, Deacon Tenorio says that the thrift store and the homeless shelter have run solely on donations.

“Miracle is the key words for Kamalen Karidat. I don't have any income, for the last 24 years ago up to now, there is no income because I forfeit it,” he shares. Adding that “The thrift store is very important to have it will be probably (continue) but not on a big scale like this, this is a big, big scale, we couldn't even dispose of this, it's so big.”

And now, Deacon Tenorio says the charity is serving its final blessing: everything at the store must go and it's all free.

"So, we're asking people to come now and share with this blessing of giving and receiving freely.” The goods arrived 18 months ago thanks to an anonymous donor. When PNC visited the thrift shop yesterday, items were still stacked from floor to ceiling and the shop owners worry that they might not be able to get rid of it all.

Kamalen Karidat needs to clear the facility by March 29th so they're asking the community to take what they need, and some.

“The building is composed with tons and tons of merchandise and we have been getting rid of them for the past 6 days. So we give a bin to fill it up maybe worth $100 -$120 dollars –free! We have a donation box because we don't' have any cash right now. So, when people are coming out, they put their donation so that will help us too with the care for the brothers and sisters and other ministries of the island,” he said.


The thrift store is open Monday through Saturday from 9am with an extended hour of business to 6pm for a limited time only. Everything in the store is free, but they do ask that you kindly provide a donation.

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