Friday, 10 March 2017

Pernix voices concerns over $100M RFP for SSHS

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Scott Kroll, VP of Pernix Guam, shared similar concerns that align with CoreTech International's protest of the $100 million RFP to renovate Simon Sanchez High School.

Guam - Last month, CoreTech International made the controversial decision to file a protest against the $100 million RFP to renovate Simon Sanchez High School, facing criticism from the Department of Public Works. But now, competitor and potential bidder Pernix Guam is speaking out as well, saying they too have some shared concerns.  

Scott Kroll, the Vice President of Pernix Guam told PNC today that he was not very excited with the multimillion procurement process in the past. 

"I don't think that the people reviewing the current RFP are going to be able to do a fair comparison of the bids. We're gonna wait and review the amended RFP."  

Meanwhile, Felix Benevente, the Dept. Director of DPW lamented of the delays sparked by CTI's protest. 

"If we hadn't had a protest in February, the schedule of events would be intact. But because we had a protest, all the deadlines would have to be changed until this protest is over," he shared.  

But Kroll says the protest aligns with some of his initial concerns with the RFP, adding that the current proposal creates too much room for DPW to be partial to one offeror over another. Kroll says his company will wait to see how much weight the amended criteria will actually hold in the future. 

Benavente did admit that the protest has left the door open for other potential offerors like Pernix Guam to participate in the bidding process now that the deadline to submit has been extended. He also says DPW will submit an amended RFP once CTI's appeal date has expired. 

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