Thursday, 09 March 2017

GPD puts more effort on enforcing alcohol-related laws

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Gov. Eddie Calvo has called on the Guam Police Department to step up their alcohol-related law enforcement. 

Guam - A media release from the Guam Police Department states that the increase of alcohol-related crimes calls for stringent enforcement of alcohol-related laws.

Police Chief J.I. Cruz is assigning officers from the Community Resource Unit to tackle the task. They will be patrolling beaches and parks where alcohol consumption is prohibited, and carrying out a more robust DUI program. Alcohol-related offenses include public intoxication, DUI, family violence, disorderly conduct, rioting, and under-age drinking.

The release adds, “The people of Guam are a fun-loving and family-oriented people who enjoy barbeques, gatherings, fiestas and other social events. Alcohol is oftentimes served and thus readily accessible at some of these functions. This, in turn, strengthens the need for aggressive enforcement to ensure the safety of our children and all residents, as well as our island’s visitors.” 

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