Wednesday, 08 March 2017

Two more alleged victims file suit against local church

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Both individuals are requesting $5 million in damages from the Archdiocese of Agana. 

Guam - Two new lawsuits have been filed against the local church alleging sexual abuse at the hands of two former Guam priests. An explosive allegation from Tomas De Plata who alleges, in court papers, that former Guam priest Antonio Cruz molested De Plata while he was an altar server at the Chalan Pago church in or about September 1963.

According to court papers, former Guam priest Father Louis Brouillard walked into the Chalan Pago rectory while Cruz was molesting De Plata and took pictures of the incident. Court papers state that Brouillard told Cruz "I'll give you the pictures later." Additionally, Cruz told De Plata not to tell anyone because he had pictures.

De Plata also alleges in court papers that he found a box filled with nude pictures of Cruz, Brouillard and other priests performing sexual acts on altar boys. Allegedly De Plata burned the box "not knowing any better." Court papers also state that De Plata witnessed Cruz molesting an altar server together with Archbishop Anthony Apuron, who was a seminarian at the time. 

The second lawsuit was filed by Richard Scroggs who alleges sexual abuse at the hands of Cruz. According to court papers, In or about 1971 or 1972, while Scroggs was around 11 or 12, he was molested by Cruz while Scroggs was an altar server at the Chalan Pago Parish. Scroggs is alleging that on one occasion Cruz grabbed his genitals and said "that's what i want." Scroggs also alleges that Cruz would routinely make him watch while Cruz masturbated. 

Attorney David Lujan is representing both parties. 

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  • Comment Link Comment by : bg1986 (Thursday, 09 March 2017 07:58)

    Just the idea of striking it rich is enough to come forward and accuse a priest of molestation. I'm not saying that all the accusers are lying, not at all. You do have to wonder why after all these years, they're stepping forward. No amount of money is going to change what happened.

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