Friday, 17 February 2017

TORRE TRIAL: Defense presents re-enactment theory of suicide

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A defense private investigator also testified about various "flirtatious" text messages sent between Piolo and several other women.

Guam - Text messages between Police Officer Sgt. Elbert Piolo and several women were read aloud in court today in day 11 of the Mark Torre Jr. murder trial.

One of the women Piolo sent messages to was Teri Tenorio, Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio’s sister. The defense also presented their theory of exactly how the shooting happened.

It was anticipated that former cop Mark Torre Jr. would be taking the stand today in his own defense. Instead, a private investigator for the defense, Agnes Blas, took the stand and testified about the various text messages that were extracted from Piolo’s cell phone.

Blas named several of the women Piolo sent messages to, including Antoinette Mendiola, Belle Sabinay, Brittany Martinez, Shalyssa Wilson, Floce Hasanan and others.

Torre’s key defense is that Piolo was in a troubled marriage, having an affair and was suicidal. On Wednesday Abigail Reyes testified that she had a three-year long affair with Piolo. But today, Blas revealed that messages uncovered from Piolo’s cell phone indicate that there may have been more than one woman.

Blas read aloud various messages sent between Piolo and several other women via Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, SMS and Snapchat. She also said that Piolo had a Tinder account, which is a dating app.

Among those women who Piolo exchanged messages with was also Teri Tenorio, the sister of Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio. Piolo was working as executive security for the lt. governor at the time of his death.

The messages between Teri Tenorio and Piolo that was sent May 30, 2015 read:

TT - “you can drive me anytime”

BP - “Mmmm.   I like that”

BP - “do you still stay at the same place?”

 TT - “after 8pm.  somewhat alone”

BP - “Mmmm”

TT - “tease”

BP - “you’re a better teaser”

TT - “you have no idea”

TT - “I’ve been playing your game for over a year now”

BP - “I like the excitement our chemistry brings..”

TT - “I’m not trying to turn on the whole island..”

BP - “ME” (smily emoji)

There were other messages between other women that had a flirtatious tone. Blas testified that the messages sent on July 10, 2015 between Piolo and Wilson read:

SW - “I’m sorry I don’t even know what happened last night”

SW - “My car is at C9 right?”

BP - “Yes your car at C9”

SW - “Did I really show my nipples to people?”

SW - “I blacked out”

BP - “Just to me and Char”

SW - “Thank you for taking care of me”

BP - “No problem. Just being me”

And another from Brittany Martinez between May and July 2015 that Blas testified was also uncovered from Piolo’s phone log read:

BP - “You still at secret place?”

BM - “No I left”

Then there were the messages that indicated Piolo was unhappy with his marriage and wanted to get a divorce. Blas said messages between Piolo and Audrey Sanchez read:

AS - “Dude…u still married?”

BP - “Yeah unfortunately…waiting for that out…

BP - “Lol” “For now just focusing on my business”

The defense also presented their theory of how Torre tried to stop Piolo from shooting himself through a reenactment. In the reenactment, shown in photographs, Torre plays himself while another person portrays Piolo. Instead of Torre sitting in the passenger seat at the time of the shooting as the prosecution believes, the photos show Torre standing outside the driver’s side door as the man portraying Piolo is seen holding a blue dummy firearm pointing at the right side of his chest while Torre seems to be wrestling for the dummy weapon.

Blas testified that the purpose for the reenactment was to show that it was entirely plausible, if not possible, that the shooting could have occurred in this manner and that the firearm went off while Torre attempted to take the gun away from Piolo.

Torre is expected to take the stand next Monday. The defense’s expert witness who examined Torre’s mental state is also expected to testify.



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