Thursday, 12 January 2017

Speaker B.J. Cruz reintroduces measure to raise smoking age to 21

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You read Speaker B.J. Cruz's press release below. 

Guam - Speaker B.J. Cruz is calling Gov. Calvo's recent statements on recreational cannabis ironic given the governors stance on raising the legal age for use of tobacco to 21.



Calvo vetoed Cruz's intital attempt to raise the smoking age to 21 and ity looks like he''' be confronted with that decision again as Speaker Cruz has reintroduced a measure to raise the smoking age to 21. Speaker Cruz says he wants to take advantage of Gov. Calvo's recent statements that the legal age for use of cannabis should also be 21. He also questions why Gov. Calvo, who also voted back in 2010 to raise the legal age to consume alcohol, would agree that 21 is an acceptable age for alcohol and cannabis but not tobacco. If passed, bill 9 would prohibit the sale and use of tobacco and e-cigarettes to anyone under the age of 21. In a release, speaker Cruz says the bill will restrict one of big tobacco's most important advertising demographic's--teenagers and young adults-- from smoking.


"The irony, let’s put it, the irony in the fact, in the statement that I mean, in the fact that he’s saying you can have recreational marijuana at 21, but you can’t but you should only be 18 to smoke cigarettes. It's like telling the kid, you can kill yourself by smoking this cancer stick at 18 but you’re not going to be able to recreationally smoke the cure until your 21," said Cruz.



Speaker Cruz's initial attempt to raise the tobacco smoking age through legislation failed an override attempt by two votes back in the 33rd legislature.

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