Thursday, 12 January 2017

Foody's opens first stand-alone store

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New Foody's location at Guam Premier Outlets officially opens. 

Guam - The sixth Foody's store is officially open for business. This Foody's is unlike any other because it's the first ever stand-alone store for the franchise.

The grand opening of Foody's newest location at the Guam Premier Outlets also celebrated --a first for the franchise.

The stores are usually found next to fueling stations, but the IP&E Director of Retail Sales, Bill Ada felt it was time for the franchise to branch out.

“Well, you know, this is our 6th Foody’s location and what’s special about this is it’s not attached to a gas station. We're really excited because a lot of learning is in it and obviously it doesn't have a gas station and that's where our DNA comes from, ya know? Being Shell,” he said.

The IP&E Director also shared that this is only the beginning for the store and they eventually plan on going international with the brand. 

“Well, it's just the start because when we were developing the concept three years, ago we always started with the end where do we want to be what’s our vision for the brand and our vision is to one day become a global player in the convenience store industry and that obviously means we're gonna eventually export he outside the brand outside of Guam,” he said.


Foody's is typically open 24 hours, but you can visit the newest location at GPO from the hours of 9am to midnight. 

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