Thursday, 12 January 2017

Governor vetoes bill to change procurement for Simon Sanchez renovation

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Senator Tom Ada's Bill 411 has been vetoed by the Governor; Governor's official response attached. 

Guam - Renovations for Simon Sanchez High school remains at a standstill and it doesn't look like much headway will occur now that Governor Eddie Calvo has vetoed Senator Tom Ada's Bill 411 which aims to mandate the procurement for Simon Sanchez via a multistep bid source.

Upon further inspection of the bill however, the governor cites in his veto message that bill 411, if passed, would have only focused on the renovation of Simon Sanchez and not on the other 35 campuses that would have benefited from the $100 million RFP as well.

Governor Calvo also mentions that he is concerned Bill 411 violates the separation of powers doctrine saying the power to appropriate money is reserved for the legislature.


Governor Calvo closed his final thoughts on the veto stating that he believes it is quote "no question that the construction and maintenance of Simon Sanchez has always been a top priority," adding that he simply disagrees with the method.

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