Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Amber Alert canceled; father arrested for faking daughter's abduction

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Police arrested James Niosy, 25, for falsifying his daughter's abduction.

Guam - Police have confirmed that a 3-year-old girl who was the subject of an amber alert issued this morning was never missing. In fact, she was never inside the car when it was stolen from a parking lot in Dededo.

The entire community was on alert, taking to social media to share their concerns for a little 3-year-old girl who was reportedly abducted along with a stolen vehicle. Police cruisers were seen patrolling Dededo neighborhoods and detectives canvassed nearby establishments hoping for some clue into the thief or the girl's whereabouts.

A description of the alleged crime was released: that it happened at 10:30 this morning when the owner of the car went inside the store, leaving his daughter alone in the vehicle. The vehicle was described as a 2004 green Mitsubishi Outlander with license plate number TM 2151 and a plastic covering the rear windshield. The girl was described as standing 2 feet tall, wearing a blue dress with light complexion and curly hair.

We even spoke to the store owner briefly. Unfortunately, she could not give much information as she was still visibly shaken from the incident. PNC also tried to interview the father, but he declined to provide a statement.

Then, about four hours into their hunt, police discovered that the girl was never missing. She was not even in the vehicle when it was stolen. The entire time, the 3-year-old girl was safe with her mother.

"At about 10:31 am today, a man reported that his vehicle was stolen with his 3-year-old daughter inside the car from the parking lot at Fine Store in Dededo. An All Points Bulletin and Amber Alert was put out regarding this incident," Guam Police Department Criminal Investigative Section Supervisor Dennis Santos told PNC. "The child was later located and found to be safe and sound in the care of her mother. In light of this, the Amber Alert was immediately terminated. However, the investigation continued and as a result of the investgation, it was found that the child was nver in the vehicle as initially reported by the father."

GPD Spokeswoman Capt. Kim Santos also told PNC that the father, identified as James Niosy, 25, admitted that he lied about his daughter being in the vehicle when it was stolen in order to "elicit a quicker response from police."

"GPD had every reason to believe at the time that the 3-year-old was in the car when it was reported stolen. The child's safety and well-being were of the utmost importance. We followed all protocol and because of the risk factors involved, an Amber Alert was initiated," Santos added.

Niosy was charged with making a false report, unsworn falsification, false alarm. He was booked and confined.



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