Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Governor introduces bill to legalize recreational marijuana

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The proposal would assess a sin tax of 15 percent and would make the age requirement 21 for the purchase, handling and consumption of cannibis.

Guam - As promised and just in the second week into the new year, Governor Eddie Calvo has introduced legislation for the recreational use of marijuana. 

The governor is dubbing is the Marijuana Control Law which would regulate the use, production, sale and taxation of marijuana as well as decriminalize marijuana by removing it as a schedule 1 controlled substance under the Guam Uniform Controlled Substances Act.

In a transmittal letter to Speaker BJ Cruz, the governor says, “I am introducing this bill, not because I personally support the recreational use of marijuana, but as a solution to the regulatory labyrinth that sprouted from the voter-mandated medical marijuana program.”

The governor says that if the marijuana control law is passed, it would not affect the provisions of the medical marijuana law that was also recently passed.

Calvo also says that the provisions proposed in the Marijuana Control Law mirror the same requirements for consumption of alcohol—that consumers must be 21 years of age to be able to purchase, handle and consume marijuana.

In addition, the governor included a provision for home cultivation of marijuana, despite vetoing a home cultivation bill last month. The home cultivation aspect would allow for legal adults to grow cannabis in the privacy of their homes so long as they are not making a profit out of it by selling it without a business license.

As far as taxes go, the governor is proposing a sin tax of 15 percent and revenues generated would go toward educational programs with $40 million thereafter to go toward the operation of the Guam Memorial Hospital.

You can read the governor's transmittal letter and the bill in its entirety by clicking on the file below.

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