Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Two more enter plea bargains in Linda's riot case

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Liberty Concepcion is the remaining defendant in the Linda's Riot trial.

Guam - It appears that a week after trial began, two more defendants in the notorious Linda's riot have caved in, signing plea bargains with the attorney general's office.

Liberty Concepcion, Enricky Duenas, Christian Medina, and Jovin Santos were arrested and charged with rioting, assault, and disorderly conduct for the Linda's Coffee Shop riot in October.

Trial was set to begin earlier this month when Duenas suddenly decided to change his plea. This morning, after a week of trial which included testimony from several witnesses, Medina and Santos followed suit and entered into plea agreements with the government as well. Both men pleaded guilty to assault as a misdemeanor. In exchange, both will get no prison time.

As part of the plea deal, both are subject to a six-month suspended sentence, a $1,000 fine, and one year probation with possible early closure. Santos had an additional no-contact order granted, prohibiting physical or verbal contact with Richard Ragadio, who testified in trial last week, and other co-defendants. Atty. Lujan was able to arrange that neither Medina nor Santos need to cooperate in the trial of the last remaining defendant in the case, Liberty Concepcion.

In his continued trial, officers from the Guam Police Department took the stand. Officer Jason Quitugua was the officer who interviewed Concepcion when he filed a report the he was assaulted by Jaycee White at Linda's. 

The key piece of evidence in the case was the surveillance footage from the café. Quitugua testified that he had never seen the video until today, but said that the video corroborates what Concepcion reported in his complaint.

Jury trial for Concepcion continues tomorrow morning at 9:30.


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