Monday, 09 January 2017

Man says Xanax made him break into woman’s car

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A man was arrested last week for breaking into a woman's car in Dededo, and blamed the drug Xanax for causing him to do it.

Guam - On the morning of December 22nd, a man identified as Mark Anthony Bryan was seen breaking into the trunk of a white Toyota Camry at the F.I.C. building in Dededo, a magistrate report states.

A friend of the victim was able to use her phone to take photos of Bryan as he took a black bag containing two credit cards from the vehicle and fled on a yellow and pink moped. Police observed a yellow and pink moped that same day outside American Grocery in Dededo, but did not observe who the operator was.

After photos circulated over the internet, court documents state that an anonymous caller was able to identify Bryan, and police apprehended him on January 4th. Bryan told police that he had taken Xanax, and that it was the Xanax that caused him to enter the vehicle and take the items. He also stated that he found the getaway moped abandoned in the jungle.

According to the report, officers confiscated a container with a metal spoon with white residue on it. It was submitted to the crime lab for testing.

Bryan was charged with burglary to a motor vehicle as a second-degree felony, and theft as a misdemeanor.

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