Friday, 06 January 2017

GPD calls Colonel Charfauros’ interviews with media “possible violations”

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The Guam Police Department released a statement saying they have "general orders" in place that governs a police officer's conduct. 

Guam - Immediately following a highly publicized administrative leave, Colonel Mark Charfauros took to the media to share his side of the story. But Guam Police Department's Spokesperson Captain Kim Santos clarified this morning that part of his administrative leave means he must refrain from speaking to the media.

On Christmas Eve, leaked social media footage showed Colonel Mark Charfauros yelling at police officers allegedly interfering with an ongoing investigation.

From there, the incident sparked an internal investigation. One viral video later, Chief J.I. Cruz announced that Charfauros was placed on administrative leave.

Fast forward to present day. Charfauros made his media rounds, but the question kept popping up: is Charfauros interfering with the ongoing investigation? On Mornings with Patti, Phil Leon Guerrero asked the question to Colonel Charfauros directly.

"There's a very clear general order that unless you're going through the PIO or unless you have very clear orders from the chief of police, officers are not supposed to speak to the media on the record about open cases, so I’m wondering if maybe that is the reason why they’re not speaking to the media on the record and if you feel like you speaking to the media is in violation of this general order?” he asked.

"Well, I'm on leave -- like I said. And I’m saying my side of the story… and thank you very much for this opportunity,” he quipped.

Colonel Mark Charfauros didn't allow for further questioning before hanging up. 

Subsequently, in a statement released by Guam Police Department's spokesperson Captain Kim Santos, Colonel Charfauros was presented with a memorandum specifically reflecting that he is in fact to "refrain from making open marks regarding any on-going investigations(s) and further advises him on what or what not to do."

Captain Santos added that the memorandum he received from Police Chief JI Cruz serves as sufficient documentation and outlines what his conduct with the media should be while he is placed on leave.



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