Friday, 06 January 2017

Port Authority of Guam unveils $5.5 million worth of equipment

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Port Authority of Guam's new equipment expected to enhance port operations and services. 

Guam - After 41 years of service, the Port Authority of Guam is now finally operating under "full capacity", unveiling brand new equipment essential to an uninterrupted flow of commerce.

Sixteen tractors, four (40) ton top lifters, four (5) ton forklifts, two man lifts, two welding machines and one street sweeper were all added to the container yard at the Port Authority.

According to Port Authority's General Manager, Joanne Brown, the much-needed equipment arrived at a time when the port was operating under reduced circumstances.

"It is a major step forward for us at the Port because I came into the situation where such we were living not ‘feast to famine’, but sometimes famine to famine. There were times where we were keeping track of our equipment almost on an hourly basis. And there were times when we had our vessels in and we had zero top lifters and that’s not the way to operate,” she said.

Brown added that at the end of the day, this is part of their key role. Moving cargo and having equipment available when they need it is absolutely vital to their mission. Currently, there are 10 to 12 tractors on the lot, and they are able to operate at full capacity, but their goal is even higher, something they call reserve capacity. 

“And as the need is there, we will have reserve capacity so if the tractor breaks down during operations, we park it, we pull out the next tractor, and we keep the cargo moving,” she said. 

Reiterating that same sentiment is new Oversight Chairman Senator Frank Aguon Jr., who arrived just one week after General Manager Brown demanded a replacement.

"Well, I know Christmas has passed, but certainly if I could ask... if we could have a new oversight chairman that wants to be engaged,” she suggested in a previous interview with PNC.

Senator Augon was elected as the new Chairman of the Transportation Committee and with it, he inherits both the exciting updates and new challenges that goes along with Port Authority.

“As Chair, I just wanna assure the people of Guam that my responsibility is to work collectively with the board members, general manager, and with the employees of the Port Authority of Guam. Anytime you have anywhere from 85-90% of the goods, supplies, commodities, and equipment coming through this port we have to provide this support so that it allows the commerce to take place on island and allows our people to continue to benefit with the quality of life it provides,” he said.

Today, all the equipment on the lot showcased only 45% of the total equipment and General Manager Joanne Brown says that the Port can now, finally say they are operating at a capacity they can be proud of.


To complete its equipment upgrade, the port is expecting to receive two additional forklifts in April.

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