Friday, 06 January 2017

Task force pushes Bordallo to find different funding source for Guam war reparations

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The task force held a teach-in Thursday night. 

Guam - Following a regularly scheduled teach-in event, the independence for Guahan task force along with community members present at the meeting will send a letter to congresswomen Madeline Bordallo to request finding a different funding source following community concerns about the use of section 30 funds to pay for Guam war reparations.


Congresswomen Madeline Bordallo will soon receive a letter, written by the independence for Guahan task force and signed by participating members of the community, asking her to work with president elect Donald Trump and governor Eddie Calvo to find a new source of funding for Guam’s war reparations.

"We know this is going to be hard. And that’s why we actually want her to get to the root of the problem which is as an unincorporated territory, Guam really had no other option but to keep giving it away and giving it way by negotiating and negotiating to get something," said Leon Guerrero

The task force held a teach in last night where Victoria Leon Guererro spelled out the problems Guam faces as a us territory and the lack of negotiating power she has to get what some say Guam’s war survivors truly deserve. Instead, Leon Guererro says Guam got what they could negotiate and not what they deserve.

Leon Guererro said, "so long as Guam is a possession of the united states our ability to negotiate is very very slim, we don’t really have a lot of negotiating power, but if we were an independent nation and we came into the situation differently where we did have more power and more voice, would we have a different result? Would we be paying our own reparations? Likely not most independent nations probably would not stand for the country that’s responsible to pay war reparations saying well, well ay it but technically you're going to pay it is that ok?"

Leon Guererro says while the recognition from the us congress about Guam war reparations is crucial, it may be a distracting the community from she says is an insult from congress to have Gov Guam use section 30 funds to pay for the reparations.

"For most, the idea that congress recognized this in any way is enough to celebrate. That says to them, finally there's recognition for what we’ve been through and this is why we believe that if section 30 funds are used in this way, it’s an insult to them. It’s an insult to what they experience because essentially their government is paying for something that they did not create,"

Congresswoman Bordallo's office says she does not intend to use section 30 funds. She says she wanted to work with president-elect Donald Trump and Gov. Eddie Calvo.

Leon Guererro passed out the letter to members of the audience to sign and hopefully forward to congresswoman Bordallo's office.

Notable members present at the teach in include Speaker B.j. Cruz.  

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