Friday, 06 January 2017

Richard Ragadio testifies in Linda's riot trial

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A week after Richard Ragadio pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge in the case involving the death of body boarder Brian Cruz, he fulfilled his end of the plea agreement when he took the stand in the trial for the other men involved in the Linda's Cafe riot.

Guam - Jury trial continued today for the three men connected to the riot that occurred at Linda's Coffee Shop in October. Liberty Concepcion, Christian Medina, and Jovin Santos were present in the courtroom, minus Enricky Duenas who entered a guilty plea earlier this week and is now listed as a witness for the government. 

A number of witnesses testified as to how the fight started. One witness said she saw Concepcion swinging his arms but it did not seem like a fight was about to ensue. The witness told defense attorney David Lujan that it looked more like Concepcion was sparring than threatening to start a fight. One key piece of evidence -- surveillance footage from the night of the incident -- was played to show events right before the fight started. After seeing that, the witness later confirmed that her written testimony implicating Concepcion as the one starting the fight was of occurrences she saw in the middle of the skirmish.

One witness, however, was able to give an account of what happened before any punches were thrown. Richard Ragadio, who recently entered into a plea agreement in a separate case involving the death of body boarder Brian Cruz, testified in court today. In his testimony, Ragadio said it was his co-defendant Jaycee White, who was charged with manslaughter for Cruz's death, who threw the first punch. Ragadio stated that he tried to stop the fight between White and Liberty Concepcion, but failed when more people came out of the café to join in. 

Ragadio also stated that Jovin Santos was the person who knocked him down while he was trying to find Jaycee White and Alfredo Castro to leave Linda's after a bigger fight ensued. Santos even raised his hand to confirm Ragadio's statement.

Trial is expected to continue next week in Judge Michael Bordallo's courtroom.

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