Friday, 06 January 2017

Supreme Court relocating to Historic Courthouse

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As part of the Judiciary of Guam’s master plan to expand the Superior Court and its services, the Supreme Court will be relocating to the Historic Court House.

Guam - According to the Judiciary’s Administrator of the Courts, Josh Tenorio, given the unlimited amount of capital improvement funds, the Supreme Court will be moving out of the third floor of the Judiciary into the Historic Court House, where the local judiciary first started.

The building currently houses the Office of the Public Guardian and the Probation Office, and the courts are now in the final stages on negotiating a long-term lease. "It’ll probably take about eight months to get that building prepared, and that should be the right amount of timing for us to do the repairs in the historic court house. And in the historic court house will be the Supreme Court and all of its affiliated offices," Tenorio told PNC.

The Judiciary expects activity in the next few months as they start preparing the new building for the Probation Office to start operations.

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