Wednesday, 04 January 2017

UOG deals with aftermath of rape allegations at campus dormitory

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Dr Anita Enriquez shares the University of Guam's official statement. 

Guam - The University of Guam is now dealing with the aftermath of an alleged sexual assault that took place on campus grounds on New Year’s Day.

The University of Guam says they are taking active measures immediately following the report of campus rape on New Year’s Day. The report was made by an 18 year old woman who told police that a student raped her at his dorm room following a New Year’s Eve party that was being held at the university dormitory.

The very next day, University of Guam was notified that the assault took place on campus at the UOG Residence Halls.

Shortly after, Senior Vice President Dr. Anita Enriquez says the university quickly mobilized.

“The university is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment and workplace that that is free from all forms of sexual misconduct and this can only be achieved with the full cooperation and support from all members of the university community. The university has offered full support of counseling and other needs to the alleged victim at this time and will continue to make contact with her in order to provide that support,” she said.

The investigation involving the alleged rapist identified as UOG student Sean Michael Frank is still ongoing. But as a result of the serious allegations against him, the male student has subsequently been suspended from the university.

“In accordance with the university’s no tolerance sexual misconduct policy, the male student has been suspended from all classes and he has also been suspended from attending any campus activities and he has also been removed from the dorms as he was a resident of the Residence Halls, pending the results of the full administrative investigation that has already been underway at the University of Guam,” she said.

In light of a recent scandal involving sexual misconduct from a UOG professor, the University of Guam has since adopted a new set of Title IX standards, hired their own Title IX coordinator, and even revamped their Violence Against Women Program -- all in the hopes of achieving a safe environment for the university.

 Dr. Enriquez also shared the new resources available to students on their campus website.

“All students are apprised of the university sexual misconduct policy. In the university website, we do have access for information, guidelines, procedures, and whatnot. When they feel they have been made aware of sexual misconduct or if perhaps a possible victim of sexual misconduct they can go to They will find all of that information. The responsible information officers regarding our sexual misconduct policy are myself, as the Senior Vice President as well as our Director and Title IX Coordinator who also happens to be our Title IX Ada Coordinator at the University of Guam,” she said.


In the meantime, Dr. Enriquez continues to stress that the University of Guam is committed to providing a safe environment for all their stakeholders. 

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