Wednesday, 04 January 2017

Newest Guam Education Board Members swear-in

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It was an inauguration ceremony for two Governor appointed members Ron McNinch and Mark Mendiola as well as elected member James Lujan.      

Guam – The Guam Education Board kicked off their first meeting of the school year last night with the swearing-in ceremony for the board members.


The newest additions to GEB are Governor Calvo’s appointees Mark Mendiola and Ron McNinch and elected member James Lujan.

Mendiola and Mcninch were appointed to the board following controversial resignations at the governor's request.
Mcninch will serve as the representative for the business community while Mendiola is the representative of the parent community.

Mendiola told PNC that he was excited to join the board adding that he and Mcninch are eager to move the department forward.

“It's the largest agency in the government of Guam. I know people want us to solve the problems in such a short period of time, but it's a big department and I believe with the leadership and also with the folks working at DOE will make some big improvements this coming year,” he said.


Mendiola says the Guam Education Board will reconvene this Thursday to discuss the agenda for the school year.

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