Tuesday, 03 January 2017

Sen. Louise Muña introduces first two bills of 34th Legislature

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The first two bills, introduced by Senator Louise Muña, centered on coverage for cancer screenings.

Guam - The first bills of the 34th Guam Legislature have been introduced today by freshman senator Louise Muña, who didn't waste time and introduced them one day after inauguration.

Muña’s platform focuses on the fight against cancer and quality healthcare for the disease. The first two bills she introduced are centered on that. Bill 01 aims to protect coverage for prostate and cervical cancer detection, and Bill 02 seeks to protect coverage for colorectal cancer screenings.

Sen. Muña told PNC "It really is just to protect current coverage that we have under the Affordable Care Act, and in the event that that gets repealed under the Trump Administration, this coverage would continue on even after that. So, it’s not going to cost the government any money. Really, what it’s going to do is just going to help the insurance companies continue to cover these screenings."

Sen. Muña says Guam residents can look forward to her continuing her mission to help cancer warriors and survivors. A copy of the bills will soon be available to view on www.guamlegislature.com.

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