Tuesday, 03 January 2017

Hemlani stabbing victim had history of violence, landlord says

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Medical Examiner Dr. Aurelio Espinola ruled Kirielmo's death a homicide and said he was stabbed at the base of his neck.

Guam - The victim in the Hemlani Apartments murder has a history of violence and, according to the landlord, had previously been banned from the complex.

Meanwhile, the autopsy findings confirm that the victim, Bernard Kirielmo was stabbed to death. Medical Examiner Dr. Aurelio Espinola said Kirielmo was stabbed with a kitchen knife at the base of his neck. Although the wound was not deep at about three inches, Espinola said the knife cut a vein and that caused Kirielmo to bleed out. Espinola ruled Kirielmo's death a homicide.


Hemlani Apartments has been notorious for the amount of crime reported there but owner Vinod Hemlani said despite this recent stabbing, crime has gone down in the area.

Monday morning’s stabbing, he noted, was an isolated incident and Hemlani explained the 20-year-old stabbing victim had been banned from the complex. Hemlani learned that on Monday, Kirielmo was visiting his sister who is a tenant of the apartment complex.


"He’s been a troublemaker before and we banned him from the place a year back. Actually if you recall back in May of 2015, you remember a girl that was walking to school and got beaten up by a boy early morning?" he reminded us.

Turns out, Kirielmo has a history of violence and was on probation at the time of the reported riot on Monday morning. In May 2015, Kirielmo was arrested after he was seen in surveillance footage attacking a high school student in Harmon. He entered into a plea agreement and was given a 30-day sentence with two weeks suspended and credit for time served. He was also given three-years probation.

"When he did hit that girl he ran up to his sister’s house [at Hemlani Apartments]. Actually, we were the ones that called the police to have him arrested when we found out it was him," explained Hemlani.


Guam Police Department Spokesperson Capt. Kim Santos said the riot was reported at 2:53 am Monday. When police arrived at Hemlani’s Apartment, they found Kirielmo with a stab wound. He was rushed to the Guam Regional Medical City but was pronounced dead less than an hour later.

"It was between maybe about four guys. It wasn’t really a big riot or anything, it was between two-two, you know how it is, and somewhere along the way the stabbing happened. The exact details I do not know. I believe it happened in front of the [minor's] unit because he was just there and it was Bernard that walked up to him," Hemlani said.

GPD has taken a minor into custody and charged him with attempted murder, but they did not release the boy’s identity or age. Meanwhile, Hemlani said crime has gone down at the infamous apartment units since he implemented security changes stemming from similar incidents last year. Hemlani said the area was cleaned up and they implemented a neighborhood watch program.

"[Crime] has gone down a lot. What it is is just minor kids that--and most of the people that are ... incidents, it’s coming from outside. It’s not the tenants themselves. The tenants themselves are--they know the rules, they follow the rules but they cannot seem to control their guests and that’s where the problem is. But a lot of them, on their own--which is suprising--they would call the police on their guests," he noted, adding that they are almost done with the installation of surveillance cameras on the compound.


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