Monday, 02 January 2017

New Year baby born 9 seconds past midnight

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Kylie Ray Tesalona was born 9 seconds past midnight January 1, 2017.

Guam - Welcome to the world Kylie Tesalona!

Obstetrician Gynecologist Dr. Tom Shieh delivered the first baby born on Guam in 2017 and it's a girl. Her name is Kylie Ray Tesalona and she was born 7 lbs 4 oz and 19 inches tall. Her parents are Mina and Alan Tesalona. 

As they have done so for over 10 years, Archway Inc. presented over $6,000 in prizes to the Tesalona family as part of their "I Love Guam New Year Baby" project.

You can read the release from Archway Inc. below:

Guam is “Where America’s Day Begins”. It is also where America’s first baby of the year is born. The “I LOVE GUAM NEW YEAR BABY” was started and organized by Archway, Inc. in 2005 and has grown significantly each year with participation from the local business community.

“For over 10 years the business community of Guam have given unselfishly for this once a year miracle event. Because of their generosity, the blessed family will have all the basic essentials and more, as well as food and other gifts for the parents and family," commented Joyce Kraus, Archway Inc. Sales & Marketing Director.

The baby and the family will be receiving approximately over $6,000 in prizes to help the family with a smooth start to the new year.

Donations received are . . .

 Ambros Inc. Huggies & Enfamil Gift Box ($200.00 Value)

 AON Insurance Baby Gift Basket ($200.00 Value)

 Archway Incorporated $500.00 to go toward the Baby's Savings Account

 Archway Incorporated I Love Guam Gifts for the family ($150.00 Value)

 Asia Pacific Financial Management Group Gift Card + Assorted Gifts ($55.00 Value)

 Bank of Guam $500.00 Savings Account

 Beachin' Shrimp $50.00 Gift Certificate

 Burger King Baby Gift Basket ($200.00 Value)

 California Pizza Kitchen $50.00 Gift Certificate

 Crust Pizzeria $100.00 Gift Certificate

 GoPlay $50.00 Gift Certificate

 Graphic Center $100.00 Gift Certificate

 Guam Super Shopper Full Page Congratulatory Ad ($985.00 Value)

 Hilton Guam Resort & Spa Dinner for 2 @ Islander Terrace ($77.00 Value)

 Infusion Coffee & Tea $100.00 Gift Certificate

 Lonestar Steakhouse $100.00 Gift Certificate

 Micronesian Brokers Inc. Baby Gift Basket with Similac ($350.00 Value)

 Outrigger Guam Resort Sunday Brunch for 2 @ Palm Cafe ($88.00 value)

 TakeCare 1-year Supply of Pampers ($500.00 Value)

 The Post Full Page Congratulatory Ad + 6-mo Subscription ($1,770.00 Value)

The first baby born on Guam has the distinction of being America's first baby born in the New Year because of our island's geographic location. Not only is this where Americas Day Begins, but Where America's First Baby is Born.

"The program is not only about welcoming the FIRST and newest American, born in the U.S.A., but showing Guam's true spirit of helping, giving, and celebrating the joys of life," Kraus added. 

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