Friday, 30 December 2016

Acting Superintendent Joe Sanchez to Eleuterio Mesa: he's not going to get any apology from me

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Acting Superintendent responds to former JP Torres principal Ely Mesa's allegations. 

Guam – Former JP Torres Principal Eleuterio Mesa may not be receiving that apology he demanded last week from Acting Superintendent Joe Sanchez. Now, it's Sanchez who's firing back at Mesa saying the allegations of harassment, retaliation, and a hostile working environment are not true.

It's been a week since Eleuterio Mesa filed controversial complaints against GDOE claiming both Acting Superintendent Joe Sanchez and Chris Anderson have willfully created a hostile working environment.

In an interview with PNC, the Acting Superintendent countered the complaints lodged against him saying Mesa shouldn't expect an apology from him anytime soon.

“I have read his complaint, and I’m going to be responding shortly, but I can say that he's not going to get any apology from me or an apology from the department, and I do not believe he's in a hostile working in environment,” he said.

The former JP Torres Principal claims that following sexual harassment complaints, he was stripped of his title as principal and forced to work in "hostile working conditions" referencing both Anderson and Sanchez in his long laundry list of complaints.

But the Acting Superintendent said this couldn't be further from the truth.

“In fact, I believe that Mr. Anderson, myself, and everyone in the central office have been incredibly accommodating to his special needs and his concerns and we address his concerns whenever they come up so I’m not certain how he's interpreting what he's experiencing but I will be responding to him formally on the matter,” Sanchez added.

Initially, when PNC asked the former principal if he suspected the lack of a proposed adverse action had anything to do with the harassment complaint from the acting superintendent, he disagreed.

“You’re the superintendent. This is independent of any other investigation, do your job,” he remarked.

In the meantime, the acting superintendent says we can expect a formal meet up between the opposing administrators in the near future.

“Well, it doesn't necessarily mean there’s going to be an adverse action but there could be potentially disciplinary action that would come up but that's of course a personal matter that I can’t discuss, but I will be meeting with him shortly,” he said.


Meanwhile, Ely Mesa, who's won previous grievances at the Civil Service Commission, says he plans to "duke it out in CSC" with the acting superintendent.

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