Local leaders react to North Korea threat


North Korea has threatened to attack Guam in response to President Trump’s statements.

Guam – Local leaders are joining the governor in reacting to North Korea’s recent threats to launch a missile attack on Guam.

You can read some of the reactions below:

Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo:

“North Korea’s most recent threat to target Guam is dangerous and it further heightens tensions in our region. While we have heard threats like this in the past, I take them very seriously and continue to engage with our DOD partners to ensure that Guam and our people remain safe. Similar threats back in 2013 led me to advocate with then-Defense Secretaries Panetta and Hagel to deploy a THAAD battery to Guam, which I worked to permanently station on island. I have also discussed these threats with Secretary Mattis, PACOM Commander Admiral Harris, and other senior leaders in the Pentagon, and they have consistently reassured me that Guam is protected.

“However these recent threats make it imperative for President Trump to work with the international community, especially with China and other stakeholders in the region, to de-escalate these tensions. The President’s tweet earlier today is concerning and unhelpful and does not lay out a clear strategy on how he will address the growing threats from North Korea. Kim Jung-Un’s reckless behavior cannot be tolerated, and I strongly urge the President to explore every avenue to peacefully respond to it and avoid further escalating this situation.”

From Sen. Michael San Nicolas (D), Chairman of the Committee on Federal, Foreign and Regional Relations:

“The personal safety of the people if Guam is no more at risk yesterday than it is today, and into the future. Defensive systems are in place, they are effective, and they are redundant.

The only thing new is the verbalization of a threat that has always existed, intended to frighten us and potentially harm our visitor industry – in effect hurting us through our economy by simply making threats.

We must not allow these threats to achieve their purpose. We must demonstrate in our resolve that Guam is not only safe, but fearless.”

From Sen. Frank Aguon Jr. (D), Chairman of the Committee U.S. Military Buildup

“The United States of America has the most effective and efficient military capable of defending Guam’s interest against any threat in this region,” said Senator Aguon.   “Readiness is the key here- it is basically the military’s ability to fight and win wars. Are we ready to defend and protect the people of Guam from any threat in the region?  We are Ready!”