For all three institutions, a combined total of $13.1 million is still owed by the Department of Administration in FY16 allotments.
Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit dispatched and surrounding buildings have been evacuated. 
DPW Director Glenn Leon Guerrero and Acting Superintendent Joe Sanchez admit they were unaware of drunk bus driver allegations until media reported it. 
A total of 21 students disciplined for rioting and/or intoxication at FB Leon Guerrero and Benavente Middle School. 
Fernandez filed an opposition to the motion the Guam Education Board filed to dismiss the $7 million suit.
Save Southern Guam is opposing the building of two high-rise condos in the Pago Bay area.
A fence was seen being placed at the main entrance to the Gun Beach area.
    Lt. Gen Rice says although he has not personally met with President Donald Trump, he says the Air National Guard is represented within the trump transition team.

Stinging Portuguese man-of-war spotted in Asan

Tuesday, 24 January 2017 Written by
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The National Park Service is urging residents, tourists and beach-goers to stay out of the water for now.
This is the second time that a represenative from Tripadvisor has presented on Guam.