Tuesday, July 29, 2014

VIDEO: GMH Reports No Weather Releated Injuries, But 18 Women Gave Birth as Typhoon Blew By

Guam News - Guam News

Guam - 18 babies were born at Guam Memorial Hospital as Typhoon Francisco brought a lower barometric pressure over the island. 

GMH Health Educator Renee Veksler says 11 expectant mothers checked into the hospitals holding area beginning on Wednesday so that they wouldn't have to drive as conditions worsened.

Visitation hours were suspended for patients who were admitted to the hospital once the island went into Condition of Readiness 3 but patients were allowed to have one family member or support person with them through the storm.

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Not much else was different at GMH as Francisco scraped by the island bringing tropical storm force winds but the Incident Command Post was activated to make sure services continued through whatever the weather would bring.

Emergency Management Coordinator William Kando says the command system is activated in any hazardous condition.

“One of our biggest hazards that we need to be prepared to respond to at GMH is typhoons,” Kando told PNC. “Even a small storm can be dangerous if its a direct hit.”

Before the island even went into COR3 Nursing Administrator Jemmabeth Simbillo says the patient volume was already 80-90% to capacity but the emergency room didn't get any busier than usual as the island went into COR2 and then COR1.

GMH closed the expectant mothers holding room and resumed normal visitation hours at 12pm Friday. The island went back in to COR4 at 1:30.