Guam’s “Twihards” Pack Theaters For Breaking Dawn World Premiere


Guam- Hordes of fans packed the Micronesia Mall and Agana Stadium Theaters yesterday [Thursday] to see Edward, Bella and Jacob in the latest installment of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn Part 1.

Special 8 p.m. and midnight premiere screenings were hosted by the South Pacific Petroleum Corporation (SPPC) and drew Guam’s “twihards” out to break dawn with the fourth part of a love story that involves humans, vampires and werewolves. Outside of the theaters, fans were treated to being carried and pictures with shirtless wolf packs. They also could be part of a complete wedding scene with the film’s lead vampire.

PNC spoke with a few people about why they thought this series is so popular.

“People that come to watch the movies, they’ve already read the books” said an Edward Cullen impersonator. “So they’re following along the story…it’s a story about timeless love. You know, it’s something re-written, but new at the same time.”

“I think it’s because they’re rooting for either Jacob or Edward basically” remarked a Bella Swan impersonator.

“Actually I’m Team Edward. So I just love the series because I read all the books. And to me, it was interesting” highlighted a fan.

Other special worldwide premiere screenings by Docomo were hosted at the Guam Premier Outlets.

The next and final part of the Twilight series is scheduled for November 2012.