Guam Still Number 1 in Tabasco Use, Per Capita


Guam –  Guam still maintains the number one spot in Tabasco consumption per capita.

The 2013 TABASCO® Brand Sales and Marketing Conference for the Asia-Pacific Region, recently held in Phuket, Thailand, confirmed that though Tabasco is sold in over 165 countries and territories worldwide, Guam’s per capita consumption is number 1.

Island residents consume the equivalent of almost 4 ounces of Tabasco per person, each year, according to a report presented at the conference.

The mainland U.S. is a distant second, with consumption per capita of just .75 ounces per person, five times less than consumption per capita on Guam. 

While U.S. consumers purchase an average of one 2 oz. bottle of Tabasco per household per year, Guam households purchase an estimated average of one 12oz bottle per year. 

Of all Tabasco products imported to Guam, the 12oz. bottle represents 37% of sales, as compared to the U.S. where the 2 oz. bottle represents 75% of sales.     

The United States ranks number 1 for overall consumption, but, interestingly, Japan ranks number 2 and is the largest export market for Tabasco.  Given the Japanese are Guam’s #1 Tourist market, it is a perfect match.

Tabasco is distributed on Guam by Market Wholesale Distributors, Inc.