Guam Welcomes Sun Princess as Port Continues Push to Make Guam Cruise Liner Hub


Guam- The Port Authority of Guam has welcomed the arrival of the Sun Princess for the second time, which brought over 2,500 visitors to the island.

The Australian based cruise ship sailed from Saipan and is en route to Papua New Guinea. The 1,897 passengers and 858 crew members were on Guam since 8 a.m. but left around 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

Port Program Coordinator Josette Javelosa says most of the Australian and New Zealand visitors had a chance to see what Guam has to offer. She also mentions with the ship expected to return this fall, the port is looking at the cruise line industry to help subsidize the drop in passenger visits from the Japan market.

“They are scheduled to come on October of this year” said Javelosa. “So we’re looking forward to that. And we’re looking to expecting more passenger vessels, especially in light of the downturn that’s going to happen with the Japan tourists.”

The Sun Princess is the fifth vessel from its fleet of pacific cruisers that made a port call to Guam.