Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association elects new board members


GHRA also introduced seven new members, including AFLAC, MicroPac, and Quality Business Systems.

Guam – The Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association has elected their 2017 Board of Directors.

At a general membership meeting today, members voted for hotelier, restaurateur, and allied industry candidates. GHRA also introduced seven new members: AFLAC, MicroPac, and All Star, Inc. dba Quality Business Systems, Talent Basket, Athletics & Lighting Solutions, Orkin Pest Control, and Ultra Pacific Corp.

GHRA is a private, non-profit trade association that currently has over 300 member organizations promoting the highest standards of service in hotels and restaurants on Guam.

GHRA President Mary Rhodes shared her excitement about welcoming new members to the organization. “We’re really excited about getting all of our new members active and really educated on all of the member benefits, which include a lot of networking in the industry,” Rhodes said. “We also educate them on a lot of the government regulations and legislative issues that really affect the tourism industry. And we provide a lot of training opportunities and employee morale programs.”

GHRA announced their winners through a press release. Here are the results:

Hotelier Chapter  
(2-year term)
Joe Blas
Asst. Gen. Mgr., Hotel Nikko Guam

Jeffrey Schweizer
Gen. Mgr., Fiesta Resort Guam

Restaurateur Chapter  
(2-year term)
Joshua Suka
Manager, Sea Grill Restaurant

Allied Industry Chapter  
(2-year term)
Jim Herbert
Gen. Mgr., Triple J Fiver Star Wholesale Foods, Inc.

Holdover directors for the 2017 term include:

  • Sophia Chu Wigsten (Gen. Mgr., Hyatt Regency Guam)
  • Edson Lai (Gen. Mgr., Quality Distributors)
  • Toshi Doi (Gen. Mgr., Leo Palace Resort Guam)
  • Steve Solberg (Gen. Mgr., Outrigger Guam Beach Resort)
  • Darren Talai (Managing Dir., International Dining Concept dba California Pizza Kitchen)

The 4th Quarter General Membership meeting took place this afternoon at the Fiesta Resort Guam’s Fiestan Tasi Ballroom.