Guam Governor Eddie Calvo Endorses Mitt Romney


Guam – Guam Governor, Eddie Baza Calvo, is endorsing Mitt Romney for President.

The announcement comes after their phone conversation this morning and prior to tomorrow’s winner-takes-all presidential caucus on Guam.

The winner of the caucus will receive nine votes from Guam at the Republican National Convention in August.

Calvo and Romney talked about federal regulations and unfunded federal mandates that drive up the cost of living on Guam. “Governor Romney and I had a great conversation this morning,” Governor Calvo said. “He’s a business guy, so he understands how federal regulations can really hamper economic growth. When I told him about all these different federal regulations that make no sense for an isolated island like ours, he got it. He understands.”

They also talked about the possibility of extending a China visa waiver program with Guam in a potential Romney Administration.  “The total number of Chinese tourists traveling abroad is about three times the number of tourists from Japan, South Korea and Taiwancombined,” said Governor Calvo.  “I told Governor Romney that as the closest American soil to the most dynamic economic region in the world, Guam should be viewed as an economic asset of the United States, not just as a military asset.”

The two leaders also discussed the military buildup. Governor Calvo told Governor Romney that he would like to have a sit-down with Sen. John McCain, a Romney supporter, to hash out issues McCain may have about the buildup.

The Republican Party of Guam tomorrow will decide which presidential candidate will get Guam’s nine votes. Governor Calvo will lead Guam’s delegation to the Republican National Convention in Florida in August.

“He didn’t have to call. He didn’t even have to send his son here,” Governor Calvo said. “But, he’s going out of his way to let us know that we count as well. I think Guam can make some headway in a Romney Administration. There are a lot of issues we can work through ranging from unfunded mandates like EITC to Compact impact to our long quest for self determination.”