Guam Education Board convenes to discuss the Fernandez report


Agenda items for tonight’s meeting include policy on harassment, sexual harassment, bullying and cyber bullying.  

Guam – Meanwhile, the  Guam Education Board is convening again this evening at 6pm…the agenda? To discuss the Fernandez report.


According to board member Rosie Tainatongo, the board will undoubtedly move into executive session to discuss the report in greater detail.  

While the board cannot share any of the discussions that take place in executive session, board member Peter Alecxis Ada divulged the details of tonight’s meeting agenda to PNC stating that the items for discussion include “Code of Ethics” and GEB board policy 409.

According to Ada, the policy specifically covers harassment, bullying, cyber bullying, texting, and sexual harassment.  

At the last GEB meeting, the board passed a motion to sustain Fernandez’s pay as well as any other benefits mentioned in his contract until the board finalizes on the superintendent’s termination.

Also on the agenda is the subject of transgender policies and a discussion on Chamorro Studies  

The board will convene tonight at GDOE headquarters.