Governor’s Office Releases Rev & Tax Certification They Say Proves Taitano Has No Interest in Questioned Businesses


Guam – The Governor’s Office Friday released a document they say proves that Acting GEDA Administrator Henry Taitano does not have any  interest in Pacific Vision LLP, or Downtown Pacific Ventures LLC.


A confirmation vote slated for yesterday, [Thursday] was postponed after Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz raised questions about Taitano’s claim that he had no further ownership interest in either company.

Taitano is seeking confirmation as GEDA Administrator. His acting appointment expires today [Friday]. 

The Governor has urged that he be confirmed and the Administration Friday released the following certification from Rev and Tax Licensing Supervisor George Cruz.

READ the certification from Rev and Tax Licensing Supervisor George Cruz HERE

The certification states that Pacific Vision was registered on November 7, 2003.

Its partners were John Paul Calvo and Henry J.F. Taitano. But because this limited liability partnership never took the next step of getting a business license, and never filed an Annual LLP renewal, the LLP registration was revoked, states Supervisor Cruz.

In the case of  Downtown Business Ventures LLC, Supervisor Cruz notes that:

* “Said LLC was issued a Business License for the retail Sale of Food and Beverages located at the Agana Shopping Center, doing business as Pacific-Isle Trading Club on September 9, 2004. Said Business Activity was closed on June 30, 2009.”

* But then an amended annual report was received on September 26 “that Alliance Services, LLP or Pacific Vision, LLP has transferred all vested contribution to Mr. John Calvo.”

* “Thus, Mr. Henry J.F. taitano has no vested interest in the Limited Liability Company .”