VIDEO: Governor Inos Signs Extradition Order to Bring Former AG Buckingham Back to CNMI for Trial


Saipan – Governor. Eloy Inos has signed a letter to Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad asking for his help in extraditing former attorney general and now fugitive from justice Edward Buckingham to face multiple felony and misdemeanor charges that the Office of the Public Auditor filed against him.

Inos, the Saipan Tribune reports, asked Branstad’s help in apprehending and returning Buckingham—whom he described as “a fugitive from justice who has been charged with the commission of multiple crimes”—to the CNMI.

The governor said he has reason to believe that Buckingham has taken refuge in Johnson County in the State of Iowa.

Inos’ extradition request comes some six months after Buckingham and his wife hastily left Saipan on a 6am Delta Air Lines flight for Narita, Japan on Aug. 4, 2012.

That was a day after OPA filed criminal charges against the former AG. It was also on Aug. 3 that Buckingham and former governor Benigno Fitial signed a sole-source, 25-year $190.8-million power purchase agreement that became part of 18 articles of impeachment against Fitial.