GIAA: FAA Gives Guam’s Airport “Excellent” Inspection Report


Guam – The Board and Management of the A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority, Guam (GIAA) has announced that Guam’s airport recieved “excellent” inspection results from the Federal Aviation Administration [FAA] during this past week’s annual Airport Certification Inspection .


This yearly inspection is a requirement for FAA certification and Guam’s only civilian airport received very high marks by Airport Certification Inspector, Juan S. Reyes of the FAA Airport District office out of Honolulu. Mr. Reyes commented on the great conditions at GIAA, with only one recommendation to update the Airport’s Wildlife Management Program.

Charles H. (Chuck) Ada II stated, “We are extremely pleased with our staff, especially the Operations, Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting and the Properties and Facilities divisions for their ability and professionalism and in maintaining and operating our facilities on par and in full compliance with federal standards and regulations.”

In order for GIAA, as well as any other airport in the US system of airports to operate as a commercial air carrier airport, they must have in its possession an Airport Operating Certificate issued by the FAA. Part of the certification process involves the FAA having to conduct an exhaustive annual inspection of the airport in compliance with Part 139 of the US Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR).

The FAA compliance inspection includes an exhaustive review of the operational status of fire fighting vehicles, time response drills, an inspection of construction areas, all airport runways/taxiways, safety areas, surface markings, approach surfaces, along with a review of the airport’s training and operating procedures, the fuel safety program, wildlife program, airport self inspection program, notice to airmen, condition reporting, procedures for controlling ground vehicles that operate on the airfield and numerous other programs and items detailed in FAR Part 139 compliance requirements.

Executive Manager Chuck Ada stated, “We received only one minor discrepancy, separating wildlife activities, and received recommendation to review and update our wildlife management program. This is the best we’ve performed over the past several years, moving from 20+ discrepancies 5 years ago to single digit the past 3 years, to only one minor discrepancy. The People of Guam should be assured that their Airport organization is performing at a very high standard with regard to safety and operational readiness and is to be recognized as a model US airport for the entire Pacific region. “