FAA Imposes Temporary Flight Restrictions for Air Space Around Northern Guam


Guam – The Federal Aviation Administration [FAA] has issued a Temporary Flight Restriction [TFR] advisory and an Altitude Reservation [ALTRV] advisory for the air space around the north end of Guam.

The reason for the advisory is because of  “new and potentially hazardous activity … This activity consists of radar emissions that pose a significant hazard to any aircraft that enters the temporary flight restricted airspace.”

The advisory was issued last Thursday, April 18, and is posted on the FAA website.

READ the TFR and ALTRV on the FAA website HERE

The notice advises pilots to “exercise extreme caution when operating in the vicinity of this airspace and avoid entering the TFR. “ 

The source of the “radar emissions that pose a significant hazard” is not made clear by the FAA. Andersen AFB Spokesman Capt. Chris Hoyler declined comment on the FAA’s TFR and ALTRV or whether or not its connected to the recent THAAD deployment at Andersen AFB.

The THAAD missile defense battery and its 100-member support unit arrived at Andersen AFB the weekend of  Saturday April 13th and Sunday April 14th.   

The THAAD battery is a U.S. Army asset which is under the command of the Army’s 94th Missile Defense Command in Hawaii. 

U.S. Army Pacific spokesperson in Hawaii, Colonel Michael Donnelly informed PNC News last week that “the position, timing and length of stay of the THAAD is a sensitive matter and a matter of operational security so we do not discuss this in detail. What is important is that the THAAD is deployed to the region as a precautionary measure to strengthen our regional defense, including Guam.”