“Ethics probe is just a complaint by a disgruntled former employee”


Michael Ysrael, owner of Outrigger Hotel and Congresswoman Bordallo’s nephew, said the probe is the equivalent of complaining about someone staying in a guest bedroom.

Guam – In response to a House Ethics Committee investigation into Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo’s controversial hotel stays at the Outrigger Hotel, her nephew, Michael Ysrael expressed his disappointment, telling PNC that it is “merely the words of a disgruntled former employee.”

Ysrael did not specify which disgruntled employee he was referring to, but the congresswoman’s attorney indicated in their response to the Office of Congressional Ethics that the employee was her chief of staff who resigned after facing criminal charges. The only staff member to resign amid criminal charges was John Whitt.

Ysrael is one of the owners of the Outrigger Beach Resort where Del. Bordallo stays whenever coming back home from Washington. Her stays at the hotel are the subject of an ethics probe as it may be a violation of House rules concerning gifts and a potential violation of federal law through the congresswoman’s members representational allowance or MRA.

“My aunt stays at a personal unit we have at the Outrigger building. It is the equivalent of complaining that she is staying in a guest bedroom at one’s house,” Ysrael told PNC.

The House Ethics Committee released the details of investigation and has voted unanimously to extend the probe into the congresswoman.