Docomo Pacific Offers Free Review on All Filipino Cable Channels


Guam – Docomo Pacific TV is currently offering its cable subscribers FREE access to the following Filipino cable channels until December 01, 2013.


  • TV5 on DOCOMO PACIFIC TV Channel 375
  • Aksyon TV on DOCOMO PACIFIC TV Channel 376
  • GMA on DOCOMO PACIFIC TV Channel 371
  • TFC on DOCOMO PACIFIC TV Channel 361

Free access on above Filipino channels will allow local viewers to receive the latest up-to-date information regarding relief and recovery efforts taking place in the Philippines’ typhoon-ravaged areas.

Due to heavily damaged infrastructure resulting from Typhoon Haiyan, many local Filipinos are still unable to directly contact family and friends in the affected regions.  By staying tuned to the Filipino TV networks, local residents can better monitor relief and recovery efforts as well as possibly obtain information on the status and whereabouts of families and friends in the Philippines.