DOC: “We anticipate throw-ins to increase”


Cellphones, electrical wiring, chargers, and tobacco were some of the items discovered in a package thrown into the Mangilao Prison Facility on Wednesday.
Guam –  On Wednesday afternoon, Department of Corrections Officers discovered a package thrown into the facility. The package was found behind Post 19 in the Galley/Loading dock area adjacent to the Post 17 housing Unit exterior fence line, outside of the buffer zone.

The package contained five mobile phones, three sets of earphones, electrical wiring, Bluetooth earpiece, two mobile phone chargers and two SIM cards. In addition to pipes and methamphetine, three sandwich-size plastic bags of chewing tobacco and three lighters were also found.

DOC Deputy Director Kate Baltazar states quote, “This is continued success for the department. Tighter security measures into the compound are prompting desperation from those who are trying to smuggle contraband, so we anticipate throw-ins to increase. We commend our officers for their continued surveillance efforts that are proving effective.”

The contraband and reports were forwarded to the Guam Police Department Mandana Drug Task Force.