Timothy Mchenry

According to Underwood the donated funds are appropriated lapsed funds from fiscal year's 2015 and 2016.
Additionally, two Guam attorneys general have been asked to investigate the matter, including the current AG Elizabeth Barrett Anderson.
Just days after UOG President Robert Underwood sent a letter to Governor Eddie Calvo to 'clarify' UOG’s financial situation, the university is still short close to $14 million in allotments from DOA.
The governor added: “a grave injustice has occurred, and I can't be the only elected official holding the banner on this.”   
The RMS board is disputing a report put out by an ad hoc committee formed at the behest of Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai. 
Adelup senior adviser Troy Torres tells PNC that Adelup is looking into the governor’s legal authority to fire the three GEB board members.
Underwood's response is listed below.   
Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz's media release, which includes both letters, is attached
 The all clear was given at 2:36 pm and roads were reopened. Air Force EOD says there will be no follow up investigations. 
Senator Tina Muna Barnes also responded to criticism from public health director James Gilan regarding bill 343.