Timothy Mchenry

Lt. Colonel Jeff Slown and Missile Defense Agency official Lt. Colonel Ray Morgan says they conduct test and assessments on the THAAD system to identify any potential vulnerabilities for a cyber threat.
On Wednesday, a JP Torres student, filed a sexual harassment and harassment claim against Eleuterio Mesa, a former principal at JP Torres school. 
Eleuterio Mesa was not available for comment as of news time.
The new coadjutor archbishop says he hopes to be on Guam by the end of November.
Monday, 31 October 2016 18:06

Disharmony in the GOP?

It was during a GOP village meeting this weekend when Governor Eddie Calvo delivered a fiery speech that at least one democrat lawmaker says excludes certain members of his own party as retribution for not supporting a piece of legislation.  
Per a release from Adelup, the money was released on Wednesday to the retirement fund.
The meeting was held at the Sheraton Resort. 
Friday, 28 October 2016 18:05

PUC approves new power plants for GPA

The PUC says it is pure speculation to suggest when renewable energy will be a viable alternative to baseload fossil fuel generation. 
The USS Key West was first commissioned in 1987.