Timothy Mchenry

Bill 2-33, also known as the hybrid retirement bill passed unanimously in the 33rd legislature.
    Lt. Gen Rice says although he has not personally met with President Donald Trump, he says the Air National Guard is represented within the trump transition team.
No other information was provided about the male individual police are looking for.
You can read the full bill below. 
GDOE and DOA have an agreement that gives GDOE $3.8 million a week.  
 Nate Denight says the committee had a close-out meeting scheduled last month but it was cancelled due to the lack of quorum.
Friday, 20 January 2017 18:09

Lawmakers team up to repeal pay raises

You can read the bill attached below. 
Speaker Cruz has scheduled a roundtable discussion on Wednesday, February 1, inviting stakeholders to discuss the draft measure
Guam YTK's statements were in response to the Port Authority's decision to appeal a superior court decision to uphold an arbitration award to Guam YTK. 
You can read Judge Anita Sukola's decision attached.