Timothy Mchenry

Please see the attachments below for the reactions and statements from various lawmakers. 
The OPA acknowledged the change noting that the CLTC did not provide any evidence of approvals from the legislature or governor for the change in ownership of the lease. 
The full lawsuit is attached below. 
Change may be one of the biggest enemies facing a comprehensive master plan on Guam.
Dr. Ron McNinch is the second nominee to the Guam Education Board.
Friday, 25 November 2016 18:03

GPA to begin cleaning up Cabras 3 and 4

GPA says once the winning bidder is announced and the notice to proceed is finished, the project is expected to take three months to complete. 
According to CCU documents, GPA had originally estimated to use around 16 million gallons of diesel fuel at a cost of around $50 million.
The cause of death for airman Daniel Peregoy is still under investigation according to Air Force officials. 
In a change from last year, Adelup says that Gov. Calvo will not be granting Gov Guam employees the day off for black Friday.
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