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GEPA says if any samples come up positive for Agent Orange, they will push for “cleanup and compensation.” 
Governor Eddie Calvo plans to meet with senior Trump officials next week. 
Wednesday, 15 February 2017 18:01

Kat FM unveils new look and new sound

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GRMC director of corporate affairs Eric Plinkse warned Cruz that by forcing GovGuam to choose the most "economical" health insurance contract, insurance providers would be able to cut out GRMC based on cost alone.
A public hearing for Gov. Eddie Calvo's measure to legalize the adult use of cannabis was scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. 
In addition to Bill 4, Aguon also introduced companion legislation, bill 5, which would de link the salaries of cabinet members to the executive branch. 
GRMC is currently negotiating with Takecare insurance to work out an agreement to prevent the full payment of those $5 million claims. 
The 20-page document, which differs in tone from the actual study, focuses strictly on how local businesses would react to a possible wage increase to 10.10 an hour.
The senator has requested meeting minutes and documents from GLUC under the Freedom of Information Act in the hopes of finding any discrepancies with the commission's recent decisions.